At Therabron Therapeutics, we are advancing a platform of novel therapeutic proteins in an effort to change how a variety of neglected and undertreated respiratory conditions are managed. We are a privately held, clinical-stage, biopharmaceutical company, developing a new class of drugs based on the naturally occurring secretoglobin family of proteins. CC10 protein, a naturally occurring secretoglobin, is a potent anti-inflammatory agent.

Therabron is developing a series of recombinant human secretoglobins for a range of orphan and more commonplace respiratory diseases impacting people from infancy through adulthood.

Therabron Therapeutics’ lead biopharmaceutical product candidate is a proprietary preparation of recombinant human CC10 protein (rhCC10), which has potential clinical applications in a wide range of respiratory diseases.Learn More
Therabron Therapeutics holds specialized expertise required for the creation, development and commercialization of the secretoglobin family of proteins.Learn More
Therabron’s experienced biopharmaceutical executives and professionals, the Management Team and Board of Directors, have the technical and business acumen to advance our development programs from the research bench to clinical practice.Learn More


Several respiratory and autoimmune diseases may be caused, at least in part, by a lack of sufficient native CC10 protein in patients. We are developing a pharmaceutical therapy to replace CC10 with the synthetic version (rhCC10) in respiratory diseases characterized by inflammation and pre-existing CC10 deficiency.


Secretoglobins are naturally occurring proteins produced in the body by Club Cells. They are some of the most abundant proteins secreted in the airways. Naturally occurring CC10 is the most abundant protein in the fluid that lines the respiratory tract in both the upper and lower lung, including the sinus cavities. rhCC10 has the potential to modify, or to help resolve inflamed airways in a wide range of respiratory conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, COPD and pulmonary fibrosis, unlike many treatments that provide symptomatic treatment only. Therabron has completed two Phase 1b clinical trials with rhCC10 and is currently enrolling a Phase 2 study in premature infants, who are known to lack sufficient native CC10 in their immature lungs. We are developing a platform of pharmaceutical therapies to replace native CC10 with rhCC10 in an effort to potentially benefit a range of respiratory conditions characterized by inflammation and CC10 deficiency.

Therabron Therapeutics, Inc. is a Delaware biotechnology corporation headquartered in Rockville, Maryland.

The Statistics Are Truly Overwhelming

Our goal is to improve long-term health outcomes and in doing so, potentially reduce healthcare costs.

Number of Premature Infants at Risk of BPD Annually
Number of Lives COPD Claims Annually
Americans with Recurrent Acute Sinusitis
Estimated Sufferers from Asthma
Americans Affected by Pulmonary Fibrosis